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Mike Forrest, Head of Process and Safety engineering at Wood Group PSN eliminated spreadsheets from his safety action tracking process using the Pisys ATMS action tracker

“When companies decide to adopt it, action tracking is invariably a “need to do”, rather than a “nice to have”. Especially when safety and legislative drivers are in play.”

In Wood Group PSN’s case, the root imperative was HAZOP. Mike Forrest, Wood Group PSN’s UK Head of Process and Safety Engineering, explains: “With HAZOP AND HAZID actions, you need to close the circle, you need the actions to be visible to multiple people, and you need to see where you are with all the actions. Reducing risk is what underpins it, because where there are high hazard risks – as with Piper Alpha – you could lose the whole platform”.

Mike continues: “The trigger point for Wood Group was when we took over an oilfield development project for a large operator. We quickly found HAZOP tracking issues, and I knew straight away that we needed a system”.

Our users love ATMS because it fits they way they work

Mike presented at our recent Action Tracking seminar in Aberdeen – his presentation is Here

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Bruce Catto IT manager of Craig Group gave a great presentation about how he implemented ATMS as an incident management tool across the entire fleet of vessels

Read about how Adam Yeats, Project manager at E.On UK implemented ATMS across the business



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