We love EXCEL…

And we know how tempting it is to start entering those actions after meetings etc.

But – and you knew there was a ‘but’ – it’s just not good enough for rigorous action tracking – let us count the ways:

  • Difficult to share access
  • Difficult to manage access
  • Difficult to track changes
  • Difficult/impossible to create an approval workflow
  • Attachments are tricky
  • Email notification on due date – what?

Now – we have nothing against using Excel to capture a quick set of actions at a meeting – in fact we provided an import function to do exactly that, because we realise that a lot of places where actions are created don’t always have great connectivity. So – capture the meeting actions in Excel, upload them to ATMS when you’re back in the office and use ATMS to manage those actions to closure – that’s what we call the best of both worlds !